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Guitarists Way


The Guitarist’s Way (Books 1 to 4) John Whitworth & Peter Nuttall
Level: Up to Grade 2
This 4-volume teaching series continues to be enormously successful and popular. It aims to stimulate young players in particular, with all new technical and musical ideas introduced one by one in a lucid and logical fashion.

Flexible ensemble material makes the series ideal for group teaching (either in school or evening class) as well as for individual tuition.

The higher positions are dealt with imaginatively in Books 2, 3 and 4, and there are many delightful pieces which are suitable for school concerts. The light-hearted illustrations by Peter Nuttall and Gerald Garcia are another attractive feature of the series.

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first Guitar Pieces

First Guitar Pieces arr. by Gerald Garcia & John Whitworth
Level: Grade 1-2
A very popular collection of eight attractive pieces, drawn from many parts of the world. The pieces are suitable for the first year player who is ready to study music in two voices, and have been chosen for their musical value while remaining within strict technical limits. Younger players can use the book as a companion volume to Books 2 and 3 of The Guitarist’s Way.

Titles: Tumbalalaika – Ferdinando’s Theme – Schiarazula Marazula – Sakura – Nonesuch – Canario – Cantico – Castle Rising

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Diversions Peter Nuttall & John Whitworth
Level: Grade 2-4
An exciting collection of eleven pieces covering a wide range of popular music styles from Folk to Blues, from Elizabethan music to Jazz and Classical. The mixture of arrangements and original compositions has already proved to be popular with players of all ages. The pieces have been recorded by Alison Bendy on her CD Danza Mora (ACD 002).

Titles: Inside Blues – Celebration – Helston Floral Dance – Rakes of Mallow – Lazy Afternoon – Stomp – Night Piece – Lord Zouch’s Masque – Kemp’s Jig – Pictures of Spain – Rock Me, Mama

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Timescapes John Whitworth
Level: Grade 3-5
Newly published in April 2008, this book brings together nine of John Whitworth’s compositions to produce a cycle of pieces that takes us from dawn to late night. These evocative pieces cover a wide range of musical styles and the collection is destined to become a very popular source of new repertoire for the intermediate player.

Titles: First Light - Road to the Hills - The Traveller - Edge of Storm - Serenade (Homage to Satie) - Milonga - Introduction & Tango - Late Night - Beneath the Stars . .
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Twelve Inventions

Twelve Inventions Peter Nuttall
Level: Grade 3-4

Recently reprinted with a handsome new cover, this book has become firmly established as one of the most popular collections of guitar music at this level. A wide range of musical styles is covered. Strong melodies, idiomatic harmonies and an inventive use of the guitar fingerboard are features which characterise these pieces. The collection has been superbly recorded by Alison Bendy on her CD Danza Mora (ACD 002).

Titles: Prelude – Ragtime Serenade – Gaelic Song I – Mexicana – Trilogy (Intrada – Chorale – Pastorella) – Gaelic Song II – Romance – Impromptu – Scherzino Americano – Berceuse

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Intermediate Music

Intermediate Music for Guitar (Volume 1) ed. by John Whitworth
Level: Grade 2-4
A superb new and revised edition of this anthology, which now contains eighteen pieces and provides a concise repertoire for the student guitarist. Elizabethan pieces such as Wilson’s Wilde and Packington’s Pound are included, as are well-loved teaching pieces by Aguado, Carulli, Mertz, Sanz and Sor. There are some less well known pieces by Calvi and Paganini and some exciting newer works too.

The music has been edited from original sources, and there are informative notes on the pieces and their composers. An ideal source of repertoire in a totally reliable edition.

Titles: Two Toyes - Packington’s Pound - Willson’s Wilde - Rugiero (Calvi) - Rujero/Paradetas (Sanz) - Andantino, Ballet, Andante (Carulli) - Valse, Andante (Sor) - Study in A minor (Aguado) - Andantino (Paganini) - Romanze (Mertz) - Seagulls (Croucher) - Hornpipe (Canning) - Changing Times (Whitworth)

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Playford Fantasia

Playford Fantasia John Whitworth
Level: Grade 3-4

This imaginative and evocative piece is essentially a set of variations on the old English dance tune Goddesses. As the music develops, many moods are explored. The technical level is kept relatively modest, providing the player with an opportunity to play a work of real substance with a distinctly English flavour. Playford Fantasia has been recorded by Alison Bendy on her CD Danza Mora (ACD 002).

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First Carols

First Carols ed. by John Whitworth
Level: Up to Grade 1

A very popular collection of twelve favourite carols for players at the level of Books 1 and 2 of The Guitarist’s Way. Chord symbols are included for a second player.

Titles: We three kings – O come, all ye faithful – O little town of Bethlehem – We wish you a merry Christmas – Once in royal David’s city – Silent night – Good King Wenceslas – The first Nowell – Away in a manger – While shepherds watched – In the bleak midwinter – God rest you merry, gentlemen

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More Carols

More Carols arr. by John Whitworth
Level: Grade 2-4

A beautifully produced book, containing imaginative arrangements for solo guitar of well-known nineteenth century and traditional folk carols. Includes notes on the history of the carols.

Titles: Hark! the herald angels sing – Away in a manger – Silent night – I saw three ships – The first Nowell – Deck the hall – The Huron carol – O come, all ye faithful – Ding dong! merrily on high

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Guitar Ensemble Series

Robin Hood Pieces

The Robin Hood Pieces John Whitworth
Score only Level: Up to Grade 1

An exciting suite of five descriptive pieces for first year players (either singly or in an ensemble), with an interesting accompaniment for the teacher (or reasonably competent pupil!). Ideal material for a school concert, as a way of involving a guitar group of just about any size.

Titles: The Flight of the Arrow – Robin Hood & Little John – Forest Voices – Friar Tuck – Robin & Marion

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Drunken Sailor

Drunken Sailor arr. by John Whitworth
Score & 2 sets of parts Level: Up to Grade 1

A dramatic setting of the well-known sea shanty What shall we do with the drunken sailor, created specifically for guitar ensembles of mixed ability. One part has been kept very easy and is suitable for near beginners. The other three parts are approaching Grade 1 level. The piece works very well with several players to a part. A very popular school concert item.

Trio of Kings

Trio of Kings arr. by John Whitworth
Score & 2 sets of parts Level: Grade 1-2
A descriptive setting for three guitars, or guitar ensemble, of the carol We Three Kings, moving from A minor to D minor, and eventually to A major! The melody is shared amongst the parts, one of which is easier than the other two. Again, the piece works well with several players to a part, and is ideal for a Christmas Concert.


From the Andes

From the Andes arr. by John Whitworth
Score & 2 sets of parts Level: Grade 1-3

A lively arrangement of a South American folk song for three guitars, evoking the sounds of native musicians. The melodic interest is shared amongst the three parts, one of which is somewhat easier (around Grade 1 level) than the other two. This piece really projects well in performance, and can accommodate an ensemble of any size. It has proved very popular with adults as well as children.

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The Guitarist’s Way: Book 1


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The Guitarist’s Way: Book 2


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First Guitar Pieces


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Twelve Inventions


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Intermediate Music for Guitar (Volume 1)


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Playford Fantasia


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First Carols


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More Carols


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The Robin Hood Pieces (Score)


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Drunken Sailor (Score & 2 sets of parts)


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Trio of Kings (Score & 2 sets of parts)


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From the Andes (Score & 2 sets of parts)




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