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MP3s of ‘First Guitar Pieces’


‘The recording has helped me to learn the pieces so much quicker’

‘My mum likes the recording because it’s inspired me to practice more’

MP3s of ' The Guitarist’s Way Book 1'

Quote from teacher:

'The backing tracks are ingenious. I like the speeds and the variety of styles and instrumentation'


'They are Great and brilliant value'! - Charlie (Magdalen College School)


'Felix (8) practices more with the backing tracks because he enjoys them so much'

'A Round of Veg.' and 'Fruit Pie Round' Quote from a report by Fiona Harrison for the EGTA (European Guitar Teachers Association) Newsletter October 2006:

'Fun ideas included the presentation of some wonderful rhythmic rounds sent to words sent in by an absent EGTA member'
Quote from a teacher using them later: 'I have never heard my adult evening class laugh so much! Thank you!'
Quote from school music teacher: 'These are perfect for my year 7s'
Quote from an adult at a Summer School 'I was so inspired I've written my own using everyone's name on the course!'

Review of 'Danza Mora' CD from Guitar Magazine 1998 by Linda Kelsall-Barnett

The composers Peter Nuttall and John Whitworth are well known to many teachers and students – Oxford based Alison Bendy presents a collection of their work here, which she recommends ‘for the Grade 3 to 5 guitarist who enjoys musical variety with an achievable technical challenge’.

In the series of short pieces, Diversions, each contrasting musical style is captured efficiently by the performer with appropriate technical variety and close attention to phrasing and dynamics.

The Playford Fantasia, a set of variations on the English dance tune Goddesses, is carefully paced and articulated and is demonstrated as a substantial work for the developing player.

This CD is an excellent advertisement for these student works – it is highly enjoyable listening with a useful educational function.


Review: Classical Guitar Magazine September 1990 by Chris Kilvington

Two of the most consistently pleasing and accessible music albums of the 80s were La Guitarra Flamenca and Twelve Inventions.The premature death of Robin Pearson has not prevented his work from continuing, and his pieces for classical guitarists have proved deservedly popular. Peter Nuttall’s varied and melodic compositions have a similar appeal, lyrical and guitaristic. Both the collections, built around Grade 3 to 6 level, have given much pleasure and genuine development to many players.

Alison Bendy’s performances of these pieces are pleasing, well shaped with good tone and always with an eye towards the students who will be listening to her playing. I am delighted that there are no grandiose departures from the scores, no hugely personal statements, no excesses. Students can, understandably, be lead astray, but that won’t happen here.

Bendy’s playing is fluent and unstrained and sets a good example to guitarists using her cassette; they are more likely to make their own personal statements rather than slavishly copy her, and this is to the good. Her background in flamenco gives her a good base for the Pearson works, but once again there is an appropriate restraint (and a flamenco player would tell you of the need for discipline in any case).

Many of us are inspired by the recordings of the great artists, and rightly so. But a recording such as this has very positive importance too, apart from which it makes for pleasing listening in its own right. Danza Mora is well engineered by John Taylor, and is certainly recommended.