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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Read this first, before you pay for any mp3s in the shop. 
Your information is always secure once you have proceeded to the checkout and entered the Paypal payment process.

Q       What is an mp3?

A       An mp3 is a downloadable recording which you can play on your computer or your mp3 player.

Q       What will I expect when I buy an mp3 from www.alisonbendy.com?

A       For each recording advertised (eg The Guitarist’s Way Book 1) there will be several mp3s bundled together as a zip file. You will need to un-zip this to extract the individual recordings.

Q       What will I expect to happen when I have ordered and paid for the ‘bundle of mp3s’ for say The Guitarist’s Way Book 1?

A       A receipt will appear on your screen. Scroll to the bottom of the receipt and click on the link to download the zip file. Choose where you are going to save the download (the default is the desk top), and click save.

          You will also receive an email with a link to the same file. This link remains active for 48 hours. You may also copy and paste this link into the address bar of your web browser to download the file.

Q       How long will it take for the download to complete?

A       This varies according to the speed of the internet connection. The Guitarist’s Way Book 1 may take between 2-15 minutes for standard broadband. For dial up it may take up to an hour! A CD version sent by post may be a better option.

Q       How do I listen to the music?

A       You need to extract the mp3s from the zip file you have downloaded. In Windows this can be done by double clicking on the file, or right clicking and choosing extract. On a Mac using OSX Tiger or later, just double-click the Zip file and it will automatically open. On previous versions of OSX, use the free Stuffit Expander

Q       How do I know when I have extracted the mp3s and they are ready to play?

A       The complete list of the mp3 files will appear on your screen. To play one, click on it. They are also ready to download on to your mp3 player.

Q          Anything else I need to know?

A       The recording of The Guitarist’s Way is for students to play along to, and each track begins with a 2 bar introduction enabling the student to get ready at the same time as counting. The mp3s are labeled according to the Exercise number in the published book.
Tracklists for the mp3 downloads can be printed out from the pdf files available here.

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