Reviews and Quotes

mp3s of ‘First Guitar Pieces’

Students have said:

‘The recording has helped me to learn the pieces so much quicker’

‘My mum likes the recording because it’s inspired me to practice more’

mp3s of ‘ The Guitarist’s Way Book 1’

Quote from teacher:

‘The backing tracks are ingenious. I like the speeds and the variety of styles and instrumentation’


‘They are Great and brilliant value’! – Charlie (Magdalen College School)


‘Felix (8) practices more with the backing tracks because he enjoys them so much’

‘A Round of Veg.’ and ‘Fruit Pie Round’ Quote from a report by Fiona Harrison for the EGTA (European Guitar Teachers Association) Newsletter October 2006:

‘Fun ideas included the presentation of some wonderful rhythmic rounds sent to words sent in by an absent EGTA member’
Quote from a teacher using them later: ‘I have never heard my adult evening class laugh so much! Thank you!’
Quote from school music teacher: ‘These are perfect for my year 7s’
Quote from an adult at a Summer School ‘I was so inspired I’ve written my own using everyone’s name on the course!’